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Without winning a seat I played the 50€ rebuy satellite, even though I originally planned not to play the satellite for the main event. With approximately 90 players in the tourney and 19 seats awarded chances were quite good, but I overplayed one single hand (AJo overcards + nutflushdraw vs. flopped flush) against the only guy at the table who had a bigger stack than me.

Afterwards I headed to the 1€/2€ PLO table and one hell of a funny table with seven different nationalities at one point including a dealer from Cuba. The level of skill was really low and there was only one guy two seats to my left who had a good idea of how to play Omaha. Knowing how variance can kill you in Omaha it was not a surprise, that I lost my first stack of 200€ with a flopped set of aces vs. a rivered J-high flush and a check/raise allin of the villain on the flop with nothing but the draw. A few orbits later I was back to 400€ with smaller pots in a row and stayed there with a little up and down until the end.

The main event will start in two hours and there was already 150 players bought into the tourney yesterday, not counting any of the satellite winners online or live nor the people that paid the entry fee online. Since it was 311 players last year, the record might easily be broken if they raise the cap of 300 or let alternates play the tourney after the first busts. Funny thing about my table draw will follow in my next blog post! 🙂