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Pretty much as expected, the BYOPP Sub-Qualifier for 22 € did not attract too many players – to be more precise it was only four lonely players that battled for a 110 € BYOPP Finale ticket. Only 30 minutes after the start I was HU with hardly any hand won, therefore already 1,500 vs. 8,500 down starting the headsup against some British guy.

Nevertheless it became one of the most intense HUs I have played so far, only topped by this year’s 2nd round SCOOP (low) HU tourney in which I was one of the last three tables finishing the round after what felt like forever. Somewhen 30 minutes into the HU I was able to make a comeback to 8,000 vs. 2,000, but could not keep the chiplead for long. First, I ran A9 into his KK to soon after that lose my remaining chips KQ vs. AQ on a AKQ-flop – nasty!

Poker770’s finale for WaSOP Main Event tickets was packed with 75 runners, that battled for a share of ten paid places: 1st and 2nd won a ticket each worth 525 €, places 3-10 won a share of 450 € leftover money. Not only the structure lead to a rather quick tourney on my part: I busted without any noteable hands with JJ 3-betting into AA in 45th position. The poker gods are definately not on my side yet, neither is variance or simply the luckbox factor – or is it all the same!?

However, I plan to go play my first cashgame session either today (Monday) or later this week, depending on how I can get off work to drive to Amnéville. Since the volume in both online and live qualifiers, tourneys and now also cashgame is rising, I will be keeping the overview of what has been played so far as close to be up2date as possible. Therefore a new section with an overview of already played online games is planned as well as maybe some graphical support – I got something in mind… 😉

Edit: Screw my plan with Monday… I just noticed, that I left my wallet at home and I would leave right directly after work towards Amnéville! Postponed to tomorrow…

The second set of 27 € Step C SNGs on Pokerstars resulted in only one 82 € Step D, which I unfortunately was not able to bring any further. This means, the first 270 € invested into online qualifiers ended without a positive result, all in all an unsatisfactory set of games:

The next online qualifiers will be on Poker770 and on RedHotPoker for the WaSOP MainEvent in less than weeks. Both rather small sites offer Satellites on Sunday with different formats. The qualifier on Poker770 is a 22 € Freezeout Satellite for 525 € WaSOP MainEvent tickets, starting at 10pm European time. Not sure how many tickets will be handed out, but so far almost 50 players have signed up for the tourney, so there might be 3-4 tickets available.

RedHotPoker, part of the Entraction Network, offers so-called 110 € BYOPP (“Build your own Poker Package”) Finales with 22 € qualifiers for the finale. I will be playing the 22 € BYOPP Finale qualifier (6pm) and then try to get one of the 1.000 € BYOPP packages in the finale, that consist of the 525 € WaSOP MainEvent buyin and 475 € for expenses if you choose to play the tourney in Namur with your BYOPP package. Since I most likely will not be staying in Namur after the starting day, I will be using only few of the 475 € for expenses – going back and forth from my place to Namur on two, hopefully three days has the positive effect for the project, that I can return 250 € to the bankroll.

Lets hope I can bink one of the qualifiers…