…this project!

Beginning of this year I had my so far biggest bankroll staking playing online qualifiers and online tourneys, which I finished with winning a package for the EPT Snowfest. After not cashing at the EPT (I busted out only 10 places before the money) the event finished with a breakeven result and a relatively long duration – thanks a lot for all that have showed me their support and trust in that event.

My biggest goal in Poker is to participate in medium and large live events and to get access to these events through live and online qualifiers to reduce overall costs. After winning packages for the WSOP 2010 and the EPT Snowfest 2011 I have accomplished that in the past already, but my will to play these events and finish successfully is bigger than ever! That’s that for the introduction…

For a couple of weeks now the thought of playing another bankroll like this goes through my mind over and over. Volume and time of play shall be larger than the old event though. After thinking it all through, the details of the new project shall be like this:

Goal of the project will be to qualify for the above mentioned tournaments, to play them with success and to mix smaller direct live buyins and live cashgames to even out possible no-cashes in the target events.

Volume of play:
The complete volume of the starting bankroll will be 5.000 € – half of it my own and half of it investor’s money. Just in case I will be able to attract larger investors, this balance could be changed to a maximum of 1.000 € own and 4.000 € investor’s money. The volume of play will of course be higher since the money of the bankroll can be used over and over.

Start of the project will depend on how quick investors will accept the project and support my goals. The end oft he project could result in three different ways:

  • Losing the complete bankroll
  • Achieving a bankroll of 11.250 € or more
  • None of the above two happened until Dec 31, 2012

Read on about your investment HERE!


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