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The second set of 27 € Step C SNGs on Pokerstars resulted in only one 82 € Step D, which I unfortunately was not able to bring any further. This means, the first 270 € invested into online qualifiers ended without a positive result, all in all an unsatisfactory set of games:

The next online qualifiers will be on Poker770 and on RedHotPoker for the WaSOP MainEvent in less than weeks. Both rather small sites offer Satellites on Sunday with different formats. The qualifier on Poker770 is a 22 € Freezeout Satellite for 525 € WaSOP MainEvent tickets, starting at 10pm European time. Not sure how many tickets will be handed out, but so far almost 50 players have signed up for the tourney, so there might be 3-4 tickets available.

RedHotPoker, part of the Entraction Network, offers so-called 110 € BYOPP (“Build your own Poker Package”) Finales with 22 € qualifiers for the finale. I will be playing the 22 € BYOPP Finale qualifier (6pm) and then try to get one of the 1.000 € BYOPP packages in the finale, that consist of the 525 € WaSOP MainEvent buyin and 475 € for expenses if you choose to play the tourney in Namur with your BYOPP package. Since I most likely will not be staying in Namur after the starting day, I will be using only few of the 475 € for expenses – going back and forth from my place to Namur on two, hopefully three days has the positive effect for the project, that I can return 250 € to the bankroll.

Lets hope I can bink one of the qualifiers…

As mentioned just yesterday, I have changed the first category of the menu on top to “Details & Overview”. There you will be able to find all live tournaments played and planned for now as well as an update on online happenings in a lucid table.

Today I started playing the EUR-Steps on Pokerstars, more precisely the 27 € Step C. The very first SNG gave me a headstart with a right away improvement to Step D. All in all I invested 3x Step C (= 81 €), played five Step C including two repeaters for finishing 3rd or 4th – neither of the repeaters were succesful. The turbo structure is rather not my style of game, but as soon as Step D is reached, the blind levels are raised to 10 minutes, which suit my game a lot more.

I kept almost my starting stack in the only Step D for tonite, but lost the important coinflip with 1,300 chips left versus the most aggressive player at the table, who raised almost 30 % of his hands in any position. AQ < 99 preflop allin with six players left (1st & 2nd move on, 3rd – 5th get a repeater) with KJ2 giving me even more outs for a broadway straight, but turn 8 and river 2 let me hit the rail.

Sales were up to 35.75 % after yet another big chunk of the pie were bought by Stavros Kalfas, also known as „IDOLLS“ on Pokerstars, through CMU – I would say, I am well on track looking back at only one week of official offering of the investing into the project.

“Barracuda, AndyRA, PBurn and Shmendric” kind of sounds like the brandnew line-up for Marvel’s reorganized Fantastic Four and maybe these four will indeed feel like superheroes at the end. The nicknames belong to three Germans (including me) and one Austrian Poker Player, who will start as team “” in Montesino’s European Team Championship of Poker (ETCOP) in August.

Pokerzentrale is a (mostly) German speaking Poker Community and the online home for the above mentioned superheroes.

The Montesino, one of the leading casinos in Austria, is hosting this team competition as a multi-event challenge for teams of four for a combined entry fee of 480 €. The event will start on Friday, August 12th, and will end on Sunday with a large Deepstack Finale. In between all members have to participate in different SNGs, MTTs and Cashgame to determine the best overall teams. The estimated prize pool will be 40.000 € total and of course we are aiming to not only play for fun and experience, but to win!

(This event will not count towards or be deducted of the project since it is not played by me solely.)