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Usually I am not the kind of guy that forgets about rather important or interesting stuff. Having a look at my account at Pokerstars exactly that must have happened in the past weeks, because for some reason I was sitting on a Step C ticket (27 EUR) the whole time even though I thought I had none left. I checked my Pokertracker to see if it was a leftover from my previous attempts to qualify for higher tickets or the Estrellas Tour Ibiza Finale, but is not.

Most likely I had it for quite a while and simply did not notice. Nevertheless I used it in the past days to try to get higher valued tickets and moved up to Step D (82 EUR) right away. My first shot at Step E (215 EUR) was not successful busting short by one coinflip at the very end. Third place paid another Step D, so I took another shot and improved to Step E.

Step E have the worst payout structure of all steps, paying a Step F ticket to 1st and 2nd, but only one repeater of Step E to 3rd. 4th and 5th are dropping down to Step D, 6th even to Step C. Becoming 5th in the first Step E meant to grind back to Step D, which I did with success, so I am back with a Step E. I will be trying to improve it in the next days and will report on my doings as soon as something worthy to write about happens.

Tonite, I am going to a little tournament (50 EUR) in Luxembourg’s underground. Well, it is not really underground, but playing Poker with money involved is illegal in Luxembourg (or at least if it is more than 15 EUR, I think to have read somewhere). There is not a single Casino hosting Poker in Luxembourg, so maybe it is not as illegal as it would be with government owned casinos nearby losing their potential clients – still underground… 🙂

The tourney will not count towards the bankroll, nor will probably happening cashgame afterwards, because I do not know what “the situation” there will be (few players, bad structure, etc.).