…your investment!

Details of the investment:
To be honest, the start of the project will depend on how quick investors will accept the project and support my goals. Also, me the one playing, profits from possible non-cash winnings (such as honor & fame linked to tourney wins and/or important final tables, included trips within won packages) all alone. Nevertheless my own investment is quite large and differs from investor’s investment in terms of the invested time to play, possible necessity of taking days of work to go to events (I’m just a part-time poker player and mainly have a “normal” 9-5 job) and the investment of up to 2.500 €. Therefore other people’s investments do not participate 1:1 with the success of the event, but the follwing way:

  • Winnings up to 6.250 € will be split 80:20 towards the investors
  • Winnings exceeding 6.250 € will be split 50:50 for investor’s money

6.250 € of winnings (which would sum up the bankroll to 11.250 €) means a double-up for every investor’s money. Why the gap between 80:20 to 50:50? The primary goal is to double every investor’s money. Every buck won above that is just… I would say an “addon”, but for sure more than just a nice-to-have!

How to invest:
There is several ways to invest into this project, but they all lead to this and to the event page on ChipMeUp (CMU). Therefore the easiest way is to grab shares on CMU and pay them via the methods given there. But since not all of you are members of CMU, you can invest outside of CMU as well. Therefore you can just contact me in whatever way suits you best and I will leave a comment on the event page on CMU after you have sent the funds. Invested can be in steps of 0.25 % for either $17.75 or 12.50 €:

“Treat your Poker like a Business!” – Bankroll on ChipMeUp

Restrictions to what I will be playing:
Since the part with live cashgames and direct live buyins are just included to refinance the event and bring back money to the bankroll, I will restrict my buyin into live cashgames and direct buyins to a maximum of 10 % of the running bankroll. Also, I will be using no more than 10 % of the running bankroll for single buyin qualifiers or combined qualification projects such as “15x Step C (each 27 €) on Pokerstars” for a total of 405 €.

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