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Some of you might have read in the comments, that I did not win a package for the Estrellas Poker Tour Ibiza last nite. At least the two hours later started WPT Ireland Sub-Qualifier gave me yet another seat for upcoming Saturday’s finale, which will be shot # 3 at the package. So far I have generated +$170 in winning multiple seats for the finale and of course I will try to play some more $48 Step 3 this week as well to give the bankroll the so-needed boost.

Talking about boost could be the right topic: even though there was hardly any action seen in Trier’s Casino for the past months, I will be going there tonite since someone told me they started to get a nice NL2/4 cashgame table going on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – hopefully tonite as well. I have played there for quite a while back when they had more action, but stopped when the really weak players did not show up any more. Due to the bankroll being at 3,500 € no more than 350 € will be used to play cashgame tonite.