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Nothing much to blog about for the past days since I played the 100 € Freezeout in Nennig with only 26 runners and ended up busting early and yet again could not end up cashing to finally bring the first cash to the event. Since a friend of mine was joining the action, I was not able to take notes as I did in the past live events. The two most memorable hands were 55 hitting my set on the flop, but losing to the also flopped -flush (half of my stack gone) and 99 allin with 6-7 big blinds left vs. 1010 to bust.

As already mentioned before, I will be starting in WaSOP’s 525 € Main Event on Thursday (Day 1a), which I am looking forward to really a lot. This is going to be the best structured tourney in terms of big blinds to start with + duration of blinds by far: 500 BB to start with and 60 minute blind levels are deeper than deep. To give you a good comparison, the structure of the European Poker Tour (EPT) is 30,000 chips to start (300 BB) with almost the same blinds levels in duration and raises.

Besides that I have been checking the net back and forth to find more interesting online qualifiers I could play for the project and ended up finding two: ChiliPoker is offering the so-called “DSO à la carte” qualifiers, which are 11 € + R every Tuesday. Winners of the often small field receive a 525 € ticket to play one of the upcoming Deepstack Open of ChiliPoker – the next one is taking place in Malta in October, followed by Vienna and Marrakech later this year. Marrakech would be my first choice – I love the town and maybe Kévin “kgoule” Durand (CMU-Member and Investor; met him earlier this summer in Marrakech) would be a host to me. Even if I win a ticket and do not manage to play in 2011, the tour already announced its continuation in 2012. I will start playing the “DSO à la carte” from now on for a total of not more than 200 € (trying to play it as a 1R1A).

The other series of events is Pokerstar’s Eureka Poker Tour. Especially its upcoming stop in Zagreb/Croatia sounds very yummy, but unfortunately (once again) I need to be checking my working schedule before planning to play the qualifiers. All the tourneys have a 525 € buyin with both, seat only and packages awarded through qualifiers. Drop me a line, if you are planning to play the qualifiers to one of the tour’s stops – I will be keeping the Eureka Poker Tour in my focus…