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Playing the steps on Pokerstars starting with the lowest buyin turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. 20 of 40 buyins are down and I have advanced only four times to Step 2, which is a really bad result. I have decided to stick to the plan and play for an overall investment of $300, which might turn out to more Step 1, because e.g. a 4th place awards $1.50 at Step 1 + 3rd places award Step 1 tickets. The so far only time I have advanced to Step 3 ended in a bust with KK vs. QQ vs. A8 and an ace on the river – thanks Barry Greenstein!

Plans for the next days and especially today is to hit the live tables again (100 € NLHE Freezeout @ Casino Wiesbaden) after enjoying a night out on Monday (see picture of Evil Jared (Bloodhound Gang) and me on Facebook) and a 1st of May BBQ with long-time-no-see friends, which was a great fun time with perfect weather and a little sunburn today.

The goal of having a back2back win at Casino Wiesbaden or at least have a back2back cash in the 75 EUR NLHE Rookie Tourney last nite was really nice, but did not work out. My table was very soft with many players limping or calling value bets at turn and river with bottom or middle pair. Still I did not get any value for my pocket 10s and pocket aces in the first blind level. Even worse, I lost half of my stack on a J-high board with top pair vs. 27 hitting trip deuces. I eventually busted at the end of the second blind level with round about 15 big blinds left, trying to get a straight with 109 on a 28J-flop. My hand did not improve and I busted early in 52th place.

With the newly regained bankroll amount, I will hit the online tables for the project again. Instead of firstly announced 30x Step 1 SNGs, I will use a bankroll of $300 to play 40x Step 1 SNGs at Pokerstars. Play will commence today, overviews will be given as soon as some hopefully positive results can be shown. In addition to that, I have found another very interesting way to qualify for THE live event of live events this and every year: the WSOP 2012. I will be checking the structure and the prices and will update more information about it soon, most likely in the next days.

Mement_mori and Shaun Deeb at the same table in yesterday’s Step E were a hard field to beat to move on to the next step. Nevertheless I was confident and optimistic enough to play against two of the world’s best online players. Confidence and optimism are unfortunately not the only things you need to have to be successful, even though it is better than being pessimistic.

Still, neither of both characteristics helped me to find the button to fold when hitting trips on a QQ2-flop with KQo against Shaun Deeb. I played out-of-position and bet right into him on every street, eventually going all-in with remaining 550 chips on a non-flush, non-straight board with 6 on the turn and 8 on the river. Preflop the action was unraised to I he might as well have something like KQ/QJ, maybe even Q10. Well, he did not, holding AQo he called probably not even wasting a thought about folding – at least I would not have. That way Step E was over during the second blind level busting in 9th after only 20 minutes of play…

It is hard to cope with the situation being a losing player now for almost four months after having at least some good scores/cashes/runs online when not running good live or the other way around in the past. Online or live games gave me in some way the possibility to withdraw money without touching a healthy bankroll or, if I did not cashout, build a higher bankroll step by step. Facing what has been and still is the worst run in my poker career, I am looking at every tourney buyin twice before registering. Is this how you feel when playing ‘scared money’? It might be and I have to experience some sort of turning point or catch a glimpse of upward trend at the horizon to get my confidence and motivation back up to 100%.

I will pay Saarbrücken’s Casino a visit in just a bit to have a look at the electronical Lightning Poker tables there that usually play NL1/2€, maybe even NL0.5/1€. Only in case I will be winning some money there or if there is nobody playing, I will move on to the live NL2/4 wagering 250€ at the most of project’s remaining funds. No matter how today will end, I will be giving up2date figures of the project including a forecast of what will be played next – wish me luck, I need it!!!