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It has been again way too long since the last time I have updated this blog, again… again… At least or unfortunately I have not played a single hand of live poker since last blog entry’s trip to Rozvadov either. All in all I have played not more than 20,000 hands online since Aug 1st, which is mostly because of my work.

Needless to say that I have failed to achieve my goals, well-defined and written down within this blog, by far. My ambitions were not only to create a stable return over the period of, by now, more than one year, but to be active with this blog and my poker activities in general. Neither was the case in the past months and that is why I will be putting my project to an end a couple of months earlier than its normal end date.

Of course, I will still do the remaining payouts according to the unused bankroll in a little while. After all, I want to thank everyone who stopped by this blog to read my poor results and I want to give an even bigger thank you to my investors, who believed in my project and me.

Yours, Alex

P.S.: Will I keep on playing Poker? Of course… 😉

It has been what?! Four? Five? Six months until the last time I have updated the blog?

I am not sure, if I really want to know in details how long the period of my absence was, but it has been too long – too long for my friends, readers and most important for my investors and supporters.

This might sound pretty ridiculous to most of you, but at no point I was nor am thinking about scamming any of you. I understand, that most of you probably think that this is what happened – it is not. There is no need nor reason nor benefit for me to scam you, still I would raise my voice the same way some of you probably did on ChipMeUp (I have not logged into CMU for almost the same period now, but I asume to be teared and feathered there – will do later on tonite to try to set things straight there as well).

I am not looking for excuses or explanations for this very long time of inactivity. As a matter of fact, the inactivity was not blog- but also pokerwise for the most part of the past months. The very few occassions I played were online tourneys or online cashgame, all not counting towards the project. I could have a look at my pokertracker to see how many hands I have played from November last year until February or March this year, but I would guess it was less than 10 % of my regular volume with at least two months of not playing at all, not even counting the hands or time I did not play live. Nevertheless it was my duty to at least inform you about absence, inactivity, downtime, whatever…

Why the long no-show?

It is easy to say and to write, but hard to explain that solely private matters are the reason for my absence to pretty much everything that is linked to my online and/or poker “life”: no CMU, no blog, hardly any online/live poker, no Facebook, no ICQ, no Skype – maybe there are more things that were part of my daily life which I did not follow anymore pretty much from one day to another… I don’t want to shout out loud to the outside world what the detailled reasons were, but looking back at things at least for the above mentioned areas one might call it a burnout. It wasn’t the bad poker results that killed my motivation. It wasn’t my long-distance long-term relationship with my girlfriend that put me in a mental hole. It wasn’t my family, friends, health that gave me a hard time… and that is all I want to give you as an explanation for now.

Some of you know me in person, some of you have my contact details (ICQ, Skype, Facebook, eMail,…). Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to drop some more lines about what has happened – I hope you understand!

What is up next? What are my plans?

Really good question actually… The project was set up to have three possible ways to end: a successful one, an unsuccessful one and a mediocre one with time of the project running out. As of now, we are somewhere in between the mediocre and the unsuccessful ending, meaning that either the remaining funds will be completely used or we are reaching December 31. Just as a reminder: the end of 2012 as a possible ending for the project is not a date I am making up out of my head right now – it was stated in the details of the project from the very beginning. That means we are looking at more than six months left of time to play for the project with far less funds than we started with. Taking this into consideration, I will definately have to adjust the selection of direct buyin tourneys. But, first of all, I will have to update the bankroll, which I have also not done since the Paradise Poker Tour in Barcelona – which leads me to somewhat of a preview for my next blog post: I will be updating the figures on this site, updating the events on CMU and writing another post with the next steps in terms of what to play in the next 10 days.

This should be it for this time, I am looking forward for honest comments (I will approve every appropriate comment not censoring any of them as long as they are not… well, bad language and so on… you know what I mean!) and chats!