It has been again way too long since the last time I have updated this blog, again… again… At least or unfortunately I have not played a single hand of live poker since last blog entry’s trip to Rozvadov either. All in all I have played not more than 20,000 hands online since Aug 1st, which is mostly because of my work.

Needless to say that I have failed to achieve my goals, well-defined and written down within this blog, by far. My ambitions were not only to create a stable return over the period of, by now, more than one year, but to be active with this blog and my poker activities in general. Neither was the case in the past months and that is why I will be putting my project to an end a couple of months earlier than its normal end date.

Of course, I will still do the remaining payouts according to the unused bankroll in a little while. After all, I want to thank everyone who stopped by this blog to read my poor results and I want to give an even bigger thank you to my investors, who believed in my project and me.

Yours, Alex

P.S.: Will I keep on playing Poker? Of course… 😉

Sitting in a Czech casino my first evening at King’s Casino in Rozvadov went kind of like the European Championship’s game for the Czech national team vs. Portugal: the start was OK, but then it went downhill. My play started with Thursday’s 66 € Route 66 Freezeout tourney. Actually a fine tourney for only 66 € with a starting stack of 12,000 and blind levels of 25 minutes and 25/50 to start with. Even though I never fell below my starting stack in the first two and a half hours, I never was able to really gather chips either. Pocket sixes and AQ (right away in my 2nd hand) were my best hands for the first six levels. After the break I dropped from 11,200 to just above 5k until I was allin for the first time with AQ vs. K10 –> back up to 11k. Just one orbiit later my second re-raise allin was called and I moved up to 22k with AK vs. K10 busting a smaller stack at blinds of 600/1,200/100 and an average of 25,000. I ended my short tourney upwsing another orbit later re-raise pushing the flop in a battle of blinds with Q10 on a A105-board – unfortunately small blind’s small reraise preflop was not just puttiing pressure on me, but representing his Ax –> out in 48th of 111 players.

After busting out of the tourney, I hit the cashgame tables to play the very soft 1/3 € games with either a bunch load of limpers or relatively large raises preflop with mediocre crap. There the story repeated itself somehow and I simply did not get the hands to become active enough myself to win the moneys that was thrown into pots which were won with middle pair or worse. Nevertheless I built my 250 € up to almost 450 € in the first 90 minutes. As mentioned in the very beginning, my stack went downwards though the same way as the Czech game and I finished the night with another loss in cashgames of 250 € – QQ was beat by 99 (straight) for a 500+ € pot against one of the worse player at the table obviously –> Why is it not possible for me to start a trip with a positive night to get some sort of a head-start instead of trailing right from the beginning?

The King’s Casino offers free beer for tonite’s game of Germany vs. Greece, which is one of the reasons why I will not be playing day 1a of the main event tonite, but (only) the satellite starting in three hours at 5pm and the first side event of the DPT – tonite’s schedule:

…tonite is actually not correct, since I am sitting in a poker buddy’s car just about 100km away from Rozvadov – the trip has already started! Similar to my last trip to Barcelona, where we were four poker buddies playing the Paradise Poker Tour, we are three guys going to Rozvadov mainly to play the tourneys there. It might as well happen that I will be hitting the cash tables as well – it all depends on what blinds are offered and obviously how successful I am in the 3-4 tourneys I plan to play. All in all, my complete poker action in Rozvadov will count towards the project.

I might change my own tourney schedule a little bit, but these tourneys are planed for now: