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I am yet unsure what was more frustrating last nite: going down the Belgium and Luxembourgish highways with a speedlimit of 130km/h for a combined total of four hours or to see bad players winning huge pots in crucial spots and/or beating me. But first things first…

As mentioned in the last blog post I made my second trip to the Belgian Poker Series (BPS) Finale 60 € Rebuy Satellite in Namur for this year to qualify for the 1,700 € Main Event even before the project has started. Arriving a couple of minutes after the tourney has already started, I was able to buy into the tourney as one of the very last of the 60 players. I was seated at table 16, which is actually one of my lucky numbers, but my starting stack of 1,500 chips were soon moved over to one of my villains, when I lost with QQ to Q10 and his flush on the turn. Nothing to worry about, double rebuy for 100 € and soon after that my stack climbed to 4,500 with KQ vs. Q10 on a Q-high board.

I went into the addon break with just above 4,000 and received additional 3,000 for another 50 €, which summed up costs of 210 € for the satellite. Watching quite a few interesting plays and hands at the table, I felt save enough to not protect my top set kings against the table donk (and obviously massive chipleader) with two  on the flop, raising preflop of course. He kept betting into me, I just called his flop and turn bets to reraise allin on the river, which he did not call –> 10,100 stack, the highest I ever got. Two orbits and one 1,200 call (= 3x BB) with A out-of-position against three other players later (fold to bet on K-high flop, no flushdraw), I was back down to a stack 7,500.

Cards came and went, but no hands I liked were dealt to me, so I decided to take a shot at an unraised pot with A9 from midde position by raising it to slightly more than three times the big blind. The Hijack and the small blind answered with allins, my plan did not work out and I folded to see the bigger stack win with pocket queens vs. pocket jacks. Just the next hand, 5,500 left, UTG+1 shoved his 4,500 allin and the already above mentioned table donk called directly to my right. Sitting in the big blind I looked into AKo and instantly shoved as well. Table donk called and I was kind of relaxed to me battling vs. AJo and KJo. Combined 23 % odds of winning the hand for my villains were enough to bust me due to a J on the flop and no improvement whatsoever for me.

“Nice Hand, good game, Bonne Nuit et a la prochaine!”

Thanks to Jolmer Meelis, 888poker Team Pro, who invested 15 %, the first big chunk of the cake is sold and the investment stage of the project is on a good track. (The player’s cake is set only to 20 % at this point, since I am reserving another 30 % (right now shown as “Sold”) that might be taken by myself or by investors.)

Tomorrow the 5th BPS Finale Satellite in Namur will be played and if my work does not interfere with my plans, I will be heading to Belgium after work to play the Satellite as another preseason MTT before the project starts. As the four other already hosted satellites before, it will be a 60 EUR Rebuy MTT with a rather rapidly increasing blind structure and somewhere in between five and seven seats awarded. Also, I might be playing some cashgame in Namur, if I fail to go deep in the satellite, but obviously this is not my main intention to go to Namur tomorrow.


“Tomorrow” became “Today” due to problems with the WordPress-System; it did not let me add, update or edit posts yesterday…

Yesterday’s 100 € Freezeout MTT in Nennig’s Casino Schloss Berg had surprisingly to me two huge differences to the tournaments this casino usually hosts on Sunday. First, the casino has been a non-smoking casino for a couple of months now already and secondly the structure has been changed to a less turbo-like live gamblement: 6,000 chips and 20/40 blinds to start with for 25 minutes each level is a huge improvement compared to the 2,000 chips with 30 minutes blinds.

Nevertheless 90 % of the usual suspects in Nennig (mostly players from France and Luxembourg and only few Germans) play the tourney as if it was something similar to FullTiltPoker’s Kitchen Sink Rush HyperTurbo. Therefore it took only two levels to have the first 8 players hit the rail, which was almost 30% of the field with only 30 players paying the entry fee.

Knowing how these players would most likely play like, I figured it would be a good thing to sit back and relax for a couple of orbits and only play premium hands instead of getting into pots, with villains raising 8x BB and more with KJo or 55.

Well, with AKs and six (!!!) pockets all lower than JJ in the first two levels without improving the hand significantly my stack dropped down to 4,000. At least I was able to play tight from that point on – I did not see any Ax, pockets, suited connectors or one-gapper in late position for the next two levels and found myself quicker in PushOrFold-mode than I wanted to.

One doubleup and one level paying blinds later I was down to 8 big blinds with 77 facing a minraise from UTG+1, one of few players who was able to fold vs. 3bets – this time he wasn’t! He called my push with A9 and the flop gave him additional outs with two  right away. The third  on the river sealed my fate and I was out in 12th, just before the final table…

I will have closer looks to Nennig’s tourney schedule in the upcoming weeks and will definately add some of the tourneys to the remaining preseason games as well as the following project itself.