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So far the weekend really was without anything that could be directory linked to or associated with poker, meaning nothing that should catch your attention. Still, Saturday’s visit to my mother-in-law-to-come with my lady became what could be a perfect preparation for tonite’s cashgame grind in Saarbrücken.

We started the visit with tea and/or coffee and some homemade German cake specialty: Donauwellen! Being someone who knows how to boil water, order pizza and use chopsticks, I rather not try to explain or guess how they are made – they were at least an 8+ on a 10-point gourmet scale. Buuuut, that was topped by the dinner we had at a close restaurant. I do not want to bother you with all details about the Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina we drank, the Carpaccio with Chanterelle (German: Pfifferlinge) we were served as the first course, nor two other courses that were part of a delicious four course meal. I just want to let you know that the Galloway Beef was simply delicious. 😉

Sorry animal lovers,… no better picture found 😉

To finish off the weekend in the right manner, my girlfriend and me had some awesome brunch this morning at the hotel we stayed at: fresh grapefruit juice, coffee, scrambled eggs, French Toast, crispy bacon and some salmon just to name parts of it. You might ask yourself “What is he talking about? This is supposed to be a Poker Blog!” True, and that is why I feel yesterday and today was a perfect preparation for a long nite at the tables without starving to death: Saarbrücken’s live NL400 up next in 45 minutes until … we will see!!!

Enjoy your meal,… uuhhh,… Good Luck at the tables!!!