My name is Alex, almost 30 years of age, and I have been an Amateur Poker Player for round about five years now. It all started pretty much the same as it started for the most of us: Poker on TV during the uprise of Poker, Homegames with friends where we all pretended to play better than Hachem, Moneymaker and Gold, first deposit online, all gone way too quick, next deposit… Well, I would say it took me $250 and a couple of months to understand, that playing Poker is not only about having some sort of feeling and bluffing, but much more than that: mathematics, strategy, concentration, passion, will and (there is no doubt about that) luck.

Since then I had winning live and online years, but yet have to accomplish that one big hit to be able to lean back and relax! Actually I cannot complain about how Poker treats me, because I was able to cashout winnings on a very constant basis the past years to either being able to buy something I did not want to buy with my “normal” money, go on vacations or simply have a good time with friends of mine.

I mentioned “Amateur” in the very first sentence and no, I am not planning on or dreaming of becoming a Poker Pro any time soon. I have a pretty normal 9-5 job and consider Poker a hobby – others are playing Golf or Tennis and paying lots of money for their equipment/whatsoever, I am actually getting money back doing my hobby.

Noteable Successes:

  • Won $5,000 WSOP 2010 Package for Event # 54 via 888poker
  • Won 7,000 € EPT Snowfest 2011 Package via Pokerstars
  • Numerous online cashes > $1,000 on FTP/PS/888poker
  • Numerous live cashes > 1,000 € in Germany and France
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    1. Jolmer Meelis (888poker Team Pro) says:

      The site looks great!! you can build one for me aswell haha. only problem is i cant write good. and it not something i realy like to do. so thats maybe a problem. but what i can see it looks great. and i like the idee from you project. i dont see it that much as a investment more as a thing where you can try to acieve your goals. so put me in for 1k dollar. and then i hope you will achieve it!!

      gl with it, and i try to make you % in me into something good in WSOP main event!!



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