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Long time, no news…

Posted: September 25, 2011 in 888poker, General
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As some of you might have noticed, I have not had (m)any reasons to write updates about the project/bankroll in the past weeks. This is mainly due to stuff that has become quite important to me compared to months ago and that I did not expect to move into my focus that quick and early. It results in less time playing live and/or online, but does not affect my situation moneywise. I know, this sounds a little tricky, but I do not want to post more details about the above mentioned “stuff”, because of rather private reasons.

In the meantime the WPT Ireland 2012 qualifiers are pretty much the only shots I am taking right now. Still I am playing the daily $44+4 qualifiers for the weekly finale only if I am able to play it at least three times in that week to generate a small return in case I qualify multiple times for the finale.

Some of you might have read in the comments, that I did not win a package for the Estrellas Poker Tour Ibiza last nite. At least the two hours later started WPT Ireland Sub-Qualifier gave me yet another seat for upcoming Saturday’s finale, which will be shot # 3 at the package. So far I have generated +$170 in winning multiple seats for the finale and of course I will try to play some more $48 Step 3 this week as well to give the bankroll the so-needed boost.

Talking about boost could be the right topic: even though there was hardly any action seen in Trier’s Casino for the past months, I will be going there tonite since someone told me they started to get a nice NL2/4 cashgame table going on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – hopefully tonite as well. I have played there for quite a while back when they had more action, but stopped when the really weak players did not show up any more. Due to the bankroll being at 3,500 € no more than 350 € will be used to play cashgame tonite.

My last blog post introduced you to the WPT Ireland (Sub-)Qualifiers I started playing from that point on. Three weekly Finals have been played on Saturdays so far and I was not only able to qualify for two of them, but also multiply qualify for each week to generate a return of $221 so far – and the buyins for all sub-qualifiers are already deducted from that amount! The picture below shows all shots at the sub-qualifiers I have taken so far including the winnings and the 2x $220 seats for the finale, which you have to deduct from the “Net Won” to see the cash return.

For some reason 888poker seems to have changed the sub-qualifiers in $13.20+R for Step 2 and $48 for Step 3. Nevertheless I will play them to have more shots at the weekly finals and generate an almost secure return for the bankroll.

Talking about the bankroll, looks at the Live Overview and the Online Overview always gives you an up-to-date overview of what has been spent and what has been returned so far. As a matter of fact, I was not able to play as much as I wanted to, e.g. I went to Amnéville last week but did not register for the tourney via internet. Arriving there I was told the tourney was sold out, so I drove home dissapointed. Also I will not deduct the buyin of last week’s visit to the Casino de Spa, which I played rather ridiculously bad. All in all the bankroll is at 3.500 € (a few bucks more or less) with no qualifications to target tournaments accomplished so far. “Was nicht ist, kann noch werden!” – is a German saying meaning “What has not been accomplished yet, could be accomplished in the future/soon!”

Saying that, I will play tonite’s 215 € Qualifier for the Estrellas Poker Tour Ibiza, a 1,000 € tourney in September. Since I do not want to invest too much of the already reduced bankroll for a direct qualifier, only 50 % (= 107.50 €) will be taken from the bankroll, therefore only 50 % of the target tournament (= 500 €) would count towards the bankroll. Last week’s 215 € Finale awarded 10x 1,750 € packages and I hope that there will be again many players playing the qualifier. Railbirds should prepare their popcorn for 9:00pm and look for Tourney ID # 429099862.