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Well, it was rather a small try to make it to Vegas this year and play the WSOP through a won package. Busting in 118th place was way too early to make it anywhere close to one of the 15 packages that were given away to the best players of iPoker’s Warrior League 2012. It is quite remarkable though, that it was possible to win the whole league even with the minimum of points making it to the finale. If I had taken down the finale, I would have been the winner of the leaderboard by exactly one single point! 4th place would have been good to win a side event package and 8th place was needed to at least get a $55 token for any $55 iPoker online tourney. I doubt that I will play any other satellite or qualifier for this year’s WSOP and will focus on the regional direct live buyins, but have also started to make plans for a poker weekend abroad. More about the planned trip as soon as details are fixed!

Since CMU more or less forced me to close out the listed events for this project on their site due to my long inactivity, I paid out almost every shareholder that was invested through CMU. A couple asked me to keep their shares to have the project run without the support of CMU – therefore the overall number of investors is cut down to only five individuals instead of more than ten and the percentage of investors’ shares in the project is no longer round about 50 % but 27.5 %. Below you can see the overview of investors after the payout of CMU:


Today is the first of six preliminary tourneys of iPoker’s “Warrior League 2012”. After enjoying a few days without playing online, I am ready to start something in this league and hopefully win a package for this year’s WSOP in Las Vegas this summer. I reactivated my account at Titan Poker, even though it was possible to play the league through any iPoker skin. The first (and all others) tourney(s) will start at 9pm GMT+1 – wish me all the best of luck!