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Nothing much to blog about for the past days since I played the 100 € Freezeout in Nennig with only 26 runners and ended up busting early and yet again could not end up cashing to finally bring the first cash to the event. Since a friend of mine was joining the action, I was not able to take notes as I did in the past live events. The two most memorable hands were 55 hitting my set on the flop, but losing to the also flopped -flush (half of my stack gone) and 99 allin with 6-7 big blinds left vs. 1010 to bust.

As already mentioned before, I will be starting in WaSOP’s 525 € Main Event on Thursday (Day 1a), which I am looking forward to really a lot. This is going to be the best structured tourney in terms of big blinds to start with + duration of blinds by far: 500 BB to start with and 60 minute blind levels are deeper than deep. To give you a good comparison, the structure of the European Poker Tour (EPT) is 30,000 chips to start (300 BB) with almost the same blinds levels in duration and raises.

Besides that I have been checking the net back and forth to find more interesting online qualifiers I could play for the project and ended up finding two: ChiliPoker is offering the so-called “DSO à la carte” qualifiers, which are 11 € + R every Tuesday. Winners of the often small field receive a 525 € ticket to play one of the upcoming Deepstack Open of ChiliPoker – the next one is taking place in Malta in October, followed by Vienna and Marrakech later this year. Marrakech would be my first choice – I love the town and maybe Kévin “kgoule” Durand (CMU-Member and Investor; met him earlier this summer in Marrakech) would be a host to me. Even if I win a ticket and do not manage to play in 2011, the tour already announced its continuation in 2012. I will start playing the “DSO à la carte” from now on for a total of not more than 200 € (trying to play it as a 1R1A).

The other series of events is Pokerstar’s Eureka Poker Tour. Especially its upcoming stop in Zagreb/Croatia sounds very yummy, but unfortunately (once again) I need to be checking my working schedule before planning to play the qualifiers. All the tourneys have a 525 € buyin with both, seat only and packages awarded through qualifiers. Drop me a line, if you are planning to play the qualifiers to one of the tour’s stops – I will be keeping the Eureka Poker Tour in my focus…

Yesterday’s 100 € Freezeout MTT in Nennig’s Casino Schloss Berg had surprisingly to me two huge differences to the tournaments this casino usually hosts on Sunday. First, the casino has been a non-smoking casino for a couple of months now already and secondly the structure has been changed to a less turbo-like live gamblement: 6,000 chips and 20/40 blinds to start with for 25 minutes each level is a huge improvement compared to the 2,000 chips with 30 minutes blinds.

Nevertheless 90 % of the usual suspects in Nennig (mostly players from France and Luxembourg and only few Germans) play the tourney as if it was something similar to FullTiltPoker’s Kitchen Sink Rush HyperTurbo. Therefore it took only two levels to have the first 8 players hit the rail, which was almost 30% of the field with only 30 players paying the entry fee.

Knowing how these players would most likely play like, I figured it would be a good thing to sit back and relax for a couple of orbits and only play premium hands instead of getting into pots, with villains raising 8x BB and more with KJo or 55.

Well, with AKs and six (!!!) pockets all lower than JJ in the first two levels without improving the hand significantly my stack dropped down to 4,000. At least I was able to play tight from that point on – I did not see any Ax, pockets, suited connectors or one-gapper in late position for the next two levels and found myself quicker in PushOrFold-mode than I wanted to.

One doubleup and one level paying blinds later I was down to 8 big blinds with 77 facing a minraise from UTG+1, one of few players who was able to fold vs. 3bets – this time he wasn’t! He called my push with A9 and the flop gave him additional outs with two  right away. The third  on the river sealed my fate and I was out in 12th, just before the final table…

I will have closer looks to Nennig’s tourney schedule in the upcoming weeks and will definately add some of the tourneys to the remaining preseason games as well as the following project itself.

Sunshine, 32 degrees Celsius, perfect blue sky, a little bit of refreshing wind blowing through my hair – wouldn’t you all agree, this is the perfect conditions to go play Poker in a rather dark and cigarette smoke polluted casino?!

Well OK, me either, but similar to mainly every major sports team I know, preseason training & matches can already be of very importance to the regular season. Therefore I call today’s 100 € Freezeout MTT at Casino Schloss Berg in Nennig (Germany) “Preseason Game # 1”. Similar preseason visits to different casinos will take place during the investment period and I will write about these and keep you informed about my shape.

P.S.: …and I wanted to try out how a blog post via iPhone’s WordPress App looks like. 😉