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Since CMU more or less forced me to close out the listed events for this project on their site due to my long inactivity, I paid out almost every shareholder that was invested through CMU. A couple asked me to keep their shares to have the project run without the support of CMU – therefore the overall number of investors is cut down to only five individuals instead of more than ten and the percentage of investors’ shares in the project is no longer round about 50 % but 27.5 %. Below you can see the overview of investors after the payout of CMU:


Today is the first of six preliminary tourneys of iPoker’s “Warrior League 2012”. After enjoying a few days without playing online, I am ready to start something in this league and hopefully win a package for this year’s WSOP in Las Vegas this summer. I reactivated my account at Titan Poker, even though it was possible to play the league through any iPoker skin. The first (and all others) tourney(s) will start at 9pm GMT+1 – wish me all the best of luck!

Exactly one month after publishing and advertising my project and blog, I thought it is time to have a little review of what has happened so far in terms of figures, statistics and other facts apart from the tourneys, tables and cards.

The site had 1,395 hits until today, which is an average of 47 hits per day. The busiest day was a couple of days after I launched the site with 257 hits on June, 25. In these 30 rather active days I have created 16 different blog posts and 8 pages spread across 18 categories. Especially the number of hits per day will most likely decrease in the future, but I am still happy as long as some of you stop by every now and then – maybe I will be able to maintain an average of 15-25…

The project itself attracted 19 different investors with single investments made in between 0.05 % up to 17.5 % to generate the sum of 55.25 % of the complete bankroll distributed among investors. I might be mistaken, but from my observations people from 10 different countries are supporting me as investors, many more as followers (which can be seen with the help of the flag counter on the left-hand menu bar). I have not told you guys so far, but despite the negative start, I am doomed to make some money with my doings: my girlfriend herself invested 0.25 % in the project!!! Thanks, hun 😉

As stated in one of my last blog posts the investment period is coming closer and closer to an end – only approximately 15 % more have to be distributed to investors before the project will start with the first tournaments. Screening Amnéville’s tourneys calendar I have found numerous interesting tourneys (all with a buyin fitting into the restrictions I set up for the project), the next one also fitting into my private time schedule on Sunday, July 10: 150 € Deepstack.

With a deepstack structure of 10,000 starting stack and 25/50 starting blinds for 30 minutes each level, the tourney has what it needs to play it tight-aggressive. I yet do not know how many runners are in Amnéville’s tourneys on Sunday lately, but similar events in Amnéville had 70-80 runners, which would generate a prize pool of at least 9,000 € with a payout for the winner of more than 3,000 €.

Investments of this week will decide if the tourney will be the first one for the project or Preseason MTT # 3 – have a look at the events created for the project on ChipMeUp with shares starting as low as the price for a Whopper at BurgerKing – no drink, no fries though: ($3.35 per share) ($17.75 per share)