End of a dissapointing project!

Posted: October 24, 2012 in About..., Details & Overview, General

It has been again way too long since the last time I have updated this blog, again… again… At least or unfortunately I have not played a single hand of live poker since last blog entry’s trip to Rozvadov either. All in all I have played not more than 20,000 hands online since Aug 1st, which is mostly because of my work.

Needless to say that I have failed to achieve my goals, well-defined and written down within this blog, by far. My ambitions were not only to create a stable return over the period of, by now, more than one year, but to be active with this blog and my poker activities in general. Neither was the case in the past months and that is why I will be putting my project to an end a couple of months earlier than its normal end date.

Of course, I will still do the remaining payouts according to the unused bankroll in a little while. After all, I want to thank everyone who stopped by this blog to read my poor results and I want to give an even bigger thank you to my investors, who believed in my project and me.

Yours, Alex

P.S.: Will I keep on playing Poker? Of course… 😉

  1. Barrracuda says:

    Wann bekomm ich mein Payout? kannst du mir persönlich per email antworten bitte?

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