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From what I expected from the very beginning, this was going to be most likely the worst result in all tourneys, because I am not a shorthanded player at all. This led to me only winning very few hands, but outlasting 100 players to bust in poor 152nd. Unfortunately there is another 6max tourney next week Wednesday, but this week Wednesday’s deepstack freezeout is one of my rather better games. So far I have accummulated 16 points.



Finally, today was my start into iPoker’s Warrior League 2012 to try to make my way to this year’s WSOP. All together 253 players have signed up for the league, which I do believe is not a lot. The second tourney was a Turbo Doublestack, meaning 5min blinds and a 3,000 starting stack. It took me until the very last hand to get the first big hand on the button: my AA beat big stack’s pocket 10 and shorties A3 in a 3-way preflop allin.

I went into the break with more than 10k, but lost every hand from that point on after the break against shorties shoves: A9 < AJ, JJ < AA and 55 being a shorty myself vs. 99. Busting in 94th place awards me my first 9 points for the leaderboard – oh well, it was a start:

The start could have been a better one,  but at least I have saved some money: I did not make the registration in time, because registration closed three hours (!!!) before the first tourney started, which I did not notice early enough. I was five minutes late and that way, I will only be playing five out of six preliminary tourneys. At least Titan Poker created a second no-play tourney for players, who want to start with the second tourney with a lower entry fee. Therefore I will only have 150 € invested in the league, but have to play and hopefully return good results in every of the five remaining tourneys to qualify for the final.

Feel free to have a look at the chart below, just in case you have not checked out the complete prize structure of the Warrior League 2012 yet: