Saar-Lor-Lux Poker-Festival in Saarbrücken

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Direct Live Buyins, Saarbrücken (Germany)
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Thanks to Christophe Gross, a.k.a. CrazySheep, Saarland Spielbanken is launching a very well created and hopefully also well organized tourney one week from today: the Saar-Lor-Lux Poker-Festival. The tourney will be a 2-day event with two starting sessions on Thursday in Saarbrücken and a final day on Friday in Neunkirchen.


The starting sessions will have a 30,000 stack to start with for 80 players each session and 30min blind levels. Unfortunately the blind structure has not been posted yet, but I am sure it will kick off with 50/100 at max to have at least a 300BB starting stack (rumours are that they are even starting as low as 20/40 which would result in an enormous starting stack of 750BB!!!). I have already paid the entry-fee of 165 € for the first session (starting at 1pm), but will use the re-entry option for the second session at 8pm in case I bust and in case there still are open spots to register for. The complete buyin (165 or 330 €) will count towards to project with a 24,000 € overall prize pool and more than 5,000 € for the winner. 25 places will be paid out with 288 € for the last players making the money.

I am thinking about playing tonite’s 75 EUR Rookie Tourney in Wiesbaden, but I cannot decide whether I have enough time to get home from work and then drive over to Wiesbaden and make it in time. Only in case of an early bust or sold out tourney, I will be playing some 1€/2€ cashgame at the electronic poker tables with a maximum buyin of 200 €. Another brief overview about the bankroll’s amount will be posted in one week time, since buyins to online and live events have become more over the past weeks.

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