Warrior League 2012 – Tourney # 2: Turbo Doublestack

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Online Qualifiers, Other Sites
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Finally, today was my start into iPoker’s Warrior League 2012 to try to make my way to this year’s WSOP. All together 253 players have signed up for the league, which I do believe is not a lot. The second tourney was a Turbo Doublestack, meaning 5min blinds and a 3,000 starting stack. It took me until the very last hand to get the first big hand on the button: my AA beat big stack’s pocket 10 and shorties A3 in a 3-way preflop allin.

I went into the break with more than 10k, but lost every hand from that point on after the break against shorties shoves: A9 < AJ, JJ < AA and 55 being a shorty myself vs. 99. Busting in 94th place awards me my first 9 points for the leaderboard – oh well, it was a start:

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