“Warrior League 2012” – my way (back) to Vegas!

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Online Qualifiers, Other Sites, Target Events
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With the start of this project I did not plan to take a shot at WSOP satellites or qualifiers, but Titan Poker is hosting a “Warrior League 2012”, similar to the one they hosted last year. I did not play the league last year, but kept in my mind to check Titan’s homepage for the league this year. The structure is quite simple to explain: every warrior qualifies for six special tournaments after paying the entry fee for the league of $215. The tourneys are in three weeks in May on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Each tourney awards the same amount of points for the top finishers and the best five results of every player sum up to his total score. The top 50 % of players who have reached the most points after event # 6 will qualify for the 7th tourney – the Warrior Grand Final on May, 28th. This final awards twice the amount of points of the previous tourneys to determine the winners of the overall league. The first 15 players receive WSOP packages with a Main + Side Event Package for 1st and 2nd, a Side Event Package only for 15th and different packages in between. Players finishing overall 16th to 50th receive $525 WSOP Satellite or smaller tourney tokens.

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