Level 8 kills “A blogger’s dream” – Seven/Deuce no good…

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Details & Overview, Direct Live Buyins, Live, Live Qualifiers & Cashgame, Played so far...
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Come on now! How am I supposed to win something with a seat and table like this!

It was again not meant to be my time to get a deep run going in one of the bigger buyins after not cashing EPT Snowfest in March, WSOP Circuit Tour Las Vegas in April and WaSOP in Namur – all together buyins of well over 5,000 €. Something like 290 players signed up for the starting day of the main event of the Paradise Poker Tour last nite and only half of them will make a comeback at day 2.

The first levels were somewhat of a rollercoaster ride for me building my starting stack of 20,000 numerous times up to 27-28,000 and dropping back to 17-18,000. There were no special hands, bad beats or suckouts dealt to or by me for pretty much the whole day. Instead it took the table almost five hours (!!!) to lose its first player – at that point the tourney was already down by 80 players at other tables! I do believe we had definately the toughest table of all in the tourney with a mixture of many nationalities including a Paradise Poker Pro and some strong locals.

Dropping down from my highest chip count that nite (30,000) with blinds at 300/600/50 chasing an open-ended straight draw with reasonable bets of villain, it was just a matter of orbits when I was in a build-or-bust situation. A board of 2-5-2-6-10 cut down my stack to 5BBs after I pushed allin on the river with Q10 against another short player who check/snapcalled with A10. Two allins later I found no help with KQs vs. A8s and I busted in 162nd – not want to forget to mention that I won 80€ (included in the project) after the bust in 60min cashgame.

Thanks to Nick from Paradise Poker I had mentionings in the Paradise Poker Blog, which will hopefully continue not only in tonite’s starting side event # 2 – a 2-day event, 220€ NLHE Freezeout with 15,000 stack and slow structure – and also in upcoming stops of the tour.

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    I’d be happy to talk hypers anytime.Just drop me an email mate.

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