Good start in Barcelona – Side Event # 1

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Details & Overview, Direct Live Buyins, Live, Played so far...
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Wednesday, November 23rd, 3:45am, 4°C, foggy weather and my iPhone tries to persuade me that it is time to wake up. What the hell?! Oh yea, two and a half hours of sleep are more than sufficient… tsss…

Wednesday, November 23rd, 4:00am, 4°C, foggy weather and my iPhone asks me what the fxck I am still doing in bed – “Last call for you, jackass, if you want to make it to the airport in time!” – OK, OK, shut your trap, iPhone!

Things are already packed for the trip to Barcelona, so not a whole lot to do before I jump in my car and drive to Frankfurt-Hahn, a 60min car ride. Red Bull must be invented by some sort of god, at least that is how I feel after having a medium-sized can in my car instead of some to-go coffee. Just a short line to check-in, great, only hand luggage (Thank you, Marco, for your suitcase that is perfect for Ryanair!) even though it was probably heavier than 10kg and off we (a friend of mine joined me in Hahn, another two guys joined us arriving in Barcelona) go.

Two hours later we are at the Girona Airport close to Barcelona, another 90 minutes later we arrive at Barcelona downtown using the shuttle bus. Due to a rather bad explanation on how to get to the apartment and a very small, not very well known street, it took us another 45 minutes to find our Habitat Apartment Princesa 2 in El Born, right in the middle of Barcelona, close to the train station, to beach, the Ramblas, the harbour and of course the casino.

After unpacking stuff, walkind around El Born a little and getting something to eat we met with the other two guys and headed to the casino for the side event # 1, 115€ Freezeout with 8,000 chips to start with, 30min blind levels (picture is wrong!) and a surprisingly good structure for the first 10-12 levels. 95 players used the start of the Paradise Poker Tour Barcelona to play the tournament and in level 16 it was 10 players remaining making the money and the final table – me being one of them! Unfortunately I entered the final table as the shorty with ~10BB, but was able to wait for two more players to bust before 3-betting a 3BB raise allin with 45,000 chips at blinds of 2,500/5,000/500. The initial raiser, also the chipleader, called with AQ and won the race against my 99 spiking a Q right on the flop. No hard feelings since the tourney was meant to be a preparation for the main event – 400€ was the payout for the practice (1st was 2.8k €).

My initial plan was to play the super satellite for the main event tonite, a 50€ rebuy, but it is an awful turbo structure with only 15min blind levels and a very small starting stack. Therefore I might be hitting the cash tables instead – NLHE or PLO 1€/2€ is attracting my attention – the NLHE cashgame will count towards the project, PLO is more or less fun stuff and will therefore not be included. Stay tuned, I will try to keep you up to date with another blog entry either tomorrow or after day 1 of the main event.

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