Book flights + apartment for PPT: Check!

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Direct Live Buyins, Live Qualifiers & Cashgame
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It is 16 more days until the first tourneys of the Paradise Poker Tour in Barcelona and everything, flights and apartment, is booked now! The flights from Frankfurt/Hahn with Ryanair have been booked two weeks ago, choosing a flight back on Sunday and another one on Monday, but it took us until today to book an apartment. Two weeks ago I we were looking at different apartments, but since they were no longer available, we decided to book a different one:

Maybe I should add a little explanation on we, since I will be joined by two colleagues of mine, both poker players as well.

First, there is a (real life) friend of mine, who I met playing cashgame years ago in Saarbrücken. We started to stay in touch with each other maybe two years ago and I told him about my plans to go to Barcelona and he directly agreed to join me. He will mainly be going to Barcelona to play the cashgames that will be offered parallel to the tourney action.

Secondly, a fellow member of, DingDong1860, will be joining and flying in from Munich to also play the Main Event. To be honest, i do not know him personally yet, but we have been in contact online for a while now, discussing our online doings via Skype, exchanging thoughts and hints throughout our tourney grinds. He is also offering parts of his 550 € Main Event action for 7€ per 1% – please let me know, if you want to invest in him as well and have two horses in the race


At the very end, last but not least, there is one more thing I want or rather

    have to

mention: Thanks a lot “bobsnyder” for the great idea of playing that $8.80 180-player SNG last week for fun – more of these ideas and I will give you a contract to be my manager! 😉


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