Live Poker is rigged: AA vs. KK < QQ

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Live Qualifiers & Cashgame, Saarbrücken (Germany), Venues
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Thus a gourmetlicious two day preparation before last nite’s cashgame grind, the start into the NL400 session with a starting stack of 250 € went rather bad. The first two hours had no noteable highlights, but my stack went down to 178 €. AA in middle position was my first big hand with UTG raising to 26 €, a quite normal raise at Saarbrücken’s NL400 tables. Looking at 4-5 players yet to act behind me, I decided to re-raise it to 74 €, leaving a stack of 104 € behind. The cutoff, sitting with 150 €, shoved 4-betting instantly and so did the initial raiser with a slightly smaller stack, so did I. The board ran out J10892-rainbow and initial’s raiser pocket queens won against cutoff’s cowboys and my aces, leaving me disappointed with just 40 € – ”Suck it up!” is what I thought and rested calmly.

I consciously did not re-stack and tried to play some short-stack-strategy (SSS) as a little practice, which I usually do not like. Shoves with Ace-rag in unraised pots let me win some blinds and my stack grew back to 64 €, when I looked down to KK only two orbits after my aces lost. Sitting with only 16xBB I decided to limp out of UTG, hoping someone would raise for me. Five players limped as well and the SB folded, so that did not really work out – 26 € pot. The flop of 1082 was actually a very good flop for me in the unraised pot against five players: many hands including a 10 would have limped, the cashgame-hand 97 would have had an open-ended straightdraw and even flushdraws with Ax were most likely stuck. I bet 20 € willing to bet the rest of 40 € on basically any turn. Two players called (and did not reraise), the turn blanked with a 5 and I barreled my remaining 40 € – again both villains called. The river looked like a blank to me again, 8, and if I remember correctly neither of the villains dared to bet the river. No flush, no trips, but one of the villains tabled 22 for a minimum boat – “That’s what you get for limping!” I figured and took a 5 minute break to get a beer and walk around the casino.

Coming back to the table the stacks had grown quite a bit since the start of the session with several people playing a second barrel and/or new people playing for busted players. I played another 250 €, which I am not sure if it was correct by my own terms and conditions, although it was still more than 10 % of the remaining bankroll. It is what it is, because one of the above mentioned new arrivals played his very first hand with AQ the way I tried to play my kings: he limped in UTG+1, so did one more player until I raised JJ to 24 € in highjack position. Neither of the blinds nor the button or the cutoff called, but the new guy re-raised allin to 100 €, which I more or less instantly called. The tables finally turned with a board of J33-blank-blank and the poor villain left after only one hand played – I was not the only one smiling… 😀

AQ suited and off-suite must have been the hand I received the most times on Sunday. It was that exact hands that first let me lose and then finally win quite interesting pots. The first hand was raised by me and re-raised by an unknown villain, 18 € to 54 €, and called by a guy playing like somewhat like a reckless calling station. AQ in my hand, I was tempted to pump it up yet another time to only play against the unknown, who had only round about 100 € at the table. At that point my stack was back up to 450-500 € and the calling station to my right was covering me. I thought about it for a while, but flat-called in position to him and out-of-position to the small stack. AKJ might have been a flop I liked with no re-raise preflop, but the big stack bet 150 €, a pot-bet more or less, and I had no choice but to fold. The small stack went nowhere and called with KK, a 9 on the turn and a 10 on the river sealed his fate against big stack’s AQ. Even though we would have split the pot with the same hand, I felt to have made a good laydown, because most likely I would have had to risk my remaining stack on the turn against another bet.
The second hand with AQs was one of the last hands of the nite after somewhat like five and a half hours of play. Yet another short stack newbie shoved open-raised his 52 € stack allin from UTG+1 and the hijack position called him with 100 € behind. At that point I have already improved my stack to just less than 600 € (another AA was not cracked, smaller pots went my way), meaning I was in profit overall. I had no intention to play around with the bigger stack of the two after the flop and put him all-in. He called and unfortunately he did not reveal his hand (I was kind of curious) after the board of A7857 was dealt, the pot pushed into my direction and “Two seats open!” was shouted by the dealer.

Soon afterwards I closed out the grind with a few more smaller pots and actually this must have been one of few times I left the table at the peak of my stack. All in all this meant winnings of 320 € after tips – the second consecutive cashgame grind at Saarbrücken with a win. The bankroll is back up to 3.190 €… Cheers!

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