Paradise Poker Tour Barcelona in November

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Direct Live Buyins, General, Live, Online, Played so far...
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– 1,970 €

That is the nacked figure of my negative run during this project so far, including last Sunday’s cashgame session in Saarbrücken. To be honest, I thought we are looking at an even higher loss of close or more than half of the initial bankroll. The slightly higher remaining bankroll, 3,030 €, combined with the latest positive experience of winning money for the bankroll strengthens my mindset again and keeps me focused on everything else there is to come.

”To come…” is a transition to the plans I have. Similar to the Wallonie Serie of Poker in Namur in July this year, I am planning fair ahead of time to go to Barcelona in November to play not only the Main Event of the Paradise Poker Tour, but also some Side Events (if necessary, hopefully not…). The Paradise Poker Tour launches on the 23rd and has its last day of the Main Event and also one last Side Event on the 27th of November. I already booked flights to be there early on the very first day of the tour and actually booked two flights back, one on the 27th and the other on the 28th, including the theoretical possibility of playing the final table of the Main Event. 🙂

Needless to say that I am paying the whole trip out of my own pocket, but with flights being as cheap as less than 100 € for three flights, it is not that big of a deal. Most likely I will be going with a couple of so to say poker buddys to be able to rent a nice and well-equipped apartment for a cheap price. We have several apartments to choose from, but the prices will be max. 650 € for four nights total and could be only ~400 € if we decide to stay in the cheapest one of our choice.

    Schedule of the Paradise Poker Tour Barcelona Season 3:

    November, 23:

6pm: € 100+15 NLHE Freezeout, 8k Starting Stack, 30min Blinds, Side Event # 1
6pm: € 50+10 NLHE Rebuy Satellite for the ME, 1k Starting Stack, 20min Blinds

    November, 24:

4pm: € 500+50 NLHE Paradise Poker Tour Main-Event, 20k Starting Stack, 60min Blinds

    November, 26:

6pm: € 200+20 NLHE Freezeout, 15k Starting Stack, 35min Blinds, Side Event # 2
9pm: € 100+15 PLO Freezeout, 8k Starting Stack, 25min Blinds, Side Event # 3

    November, 27:

5pm: € 100+20+50 NLHE Turbo Bounty, 10k Starting Stack, 15min Blinds, Side Event # 4

Tourneys of my choice will definitely be the Satellite for the Main Event, the Main Event and (depending on my progress in the ME) Side Event # 2 or # 3 – all of these have been added to the Live Overview. Similar to the WaSOP Main Event will be the partial investment of bankroll’s money for the 550 € buyin in case I do not qualify through the satellite one day prior to the start of the ME. Therefore 50 % of the ME, 275 €, will be paid through bankroll’s money as well as 50 % of the winnings will be returned to the project.

The days until Barcelona I will be going to Saarbrücken and Trier to play some cash and/or Nennig for their tourneys on Sunday and/or Monday – I yet have to decide whether to go to Saarbrücken this Sunday or to Nennig though… or be a lazy bum and stay at home 🙂


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