Pleeeeease, let it be a turning point!!!

Posted: October 10, 2011 in General, Live Qualifiers & Cashgame
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Have you ever had the situation at a table, that you were being dealt no cards to play with at all and after bitching out loud or complaining in some or other way, one of the very next hands was a monster?!

Well it did not happen to me at the table two nites ago in Saarbrücken, but my last blog post might have been one of those shouts – and with the introduction and the title of this post you do not have to be a fortune teller to guess Sunday’s cashgame was finally a winning session.

I was playing live NL2/4€ instead of electronical Lightning tables, because there was no players playing there at first (and only 5-7 players during the evening afterwards). Therefore I started with 250€ at the live table with quite a few players I have already played many hands with in tourneys and cashgame during the past years. Good things first: I never dropped below a stack of 200€ and finished the nite with winnings of 204€. The only bad thing is that it could have been a plus of ~350€ if AKo held against a flushdrawing shortie on a K52-flop. Nevertheless I am not complaining at all and am simply happy that I was able to experience a winning session for the project after very long. Hopefully this is some sort of turning point and maybe even the start of some good runs in upcoming cashgame sessions, tourneys and/or qualifiers live and online.

Talking about upcmoing stuff: the WPT Dublin 2012 satellites are still on my agenda, but I was not able to play them on a daily basis lately, which I intend to do to gather money for multiple finale tickets. Starting on the 23rd of October I will be back playing theses. I am not sure anymore, if I will be driving another time to Namur to play live qualifiers for the Beglian Poker Series Finale, but I most likely will be going to Barcelona in November to be there during the Paradise Poker Tour. Stay tuned for details about this trip and the already promised overview!

  1. germanJigsaw says:


    THIS IS THE TURNINGPOINT!(Without “Please” :))

    forget the past,and grind on with the “positive energy” from last CG-Session

    we all(or most of us :)) know how it feels to play for weeks without getting really closer to our goals!
    Frustration bites our SelfConfidence,Motivation starts fading away,Focus leaves our mind…etc…

    …stick to “Positive Thinking” and trust in your game,i´m sure u are getting closer to your ambitious goals soon!!

    gl dude!

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