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It might be because there is no real summer to be felt throughout most of the parts of Europe: many larger tournament series already have started to schedule their stops for 2012, giving me the chance to look out for online qualifiers fair in advance. The World Poker Tour for example has already announced their stop to Dublin on Jan 4th through 8th 2012 with their new co-sponsor PKR.

Nevertheless 888poker received a license to host $6,500 Package Qualifiers including the 2,500 € buyin as well as $1,400 spending/travelling money, six nights stay at City West Hotel in Dublin and of course some merchandising and an experience poker players usually do not forget.

From what I have seen and read so far, the direct qualifiers take place every (other?) Saturday with a buyin of $220, sub-satellites for the finale are running numerous times each week with a buyin of $16.50 (as a rebuy). Since the (sub-)satellites are already running, I will be taking shots at the sub-satellites every time I am able to play them. I will not use more than 1 rebuy and the addon for each sub-satellite. Also, I will be playing the sub-satellites if I have already won a seat to the finale, because cash would be awarded for another seat won. This is supposed to result into small returns to the bankroll. All in all not more than 10 % of the initial bankroll will be used to play the sub-satellites and I will not buy into the finale directly.

This is already the second WPT tourney I am aiming for or at least which seem to be worth trying to qualify for after I announced the WPT Amnéville to be one of the target tournaments early on. Even though many plans go through my mind an my blog posts, I will stay on the lookout as the schedules of other series will receive additional tourneys for 2012 as well.

Stay tuned for upcoming scores and a page added with an overview of online results.

With only just a little bit over 100km to drive from my place and other tournaments hosted there than in the partner casino in Namur, Spa offers a nice choice of smaller buyin and smaller field sized tourneys throughout the week. Deepstack Freezeouts on Thursdays with a buyin of 110 € and 40€ (1R1A) Deepstack Rebuys on Fridays might become an alternative to the other, already played tourneys, even though Friday will be most of the time “unplayable” for me – relationship duties! As a matter of fact, I am able to play next Friday due to different plans for me and my lady, so I will either be going to Amnéville for the 2-day Deepstack Freezeout (for only 60 € buyin) or most likely play either on Thursday and/or Friday in Spa. Nevertheless I will be going to Spa to play the 110 € Deepstack Freezeout, which will be my first time to the city and its casino.

Check out the Overview of Live Tourneys if you want to keep an eye on what I am planning to do and maybe even on what I have done/played so far. There you can find links to blog posts about already played tourneys as well as planned tourneys and an overview on what I have spent and what we have earned so far. Feel free to leave comments on part of the blog you see changed that need to be made. Thank you!

I once read that most of the time  not the bust hand that put you in that very last unpaid out of the money spot, but one (and sometimes more) hands and decisions you took earlier on throughout the duration of a tourney. Looking at yesterday’s tourney in Amnéville there was this one probably all-deciding hand:

94 players showed up on this again rainy Sunday, which was supposed to be a sunny day in the summer – not this year 😦 The value for this 150 € tourney is quite good having a look at the structure: 10,000 starting stack with 25/50 blinds and 30 minutes blind levels for the first nine levels until the dinner break are more than you normally get in Germany and definately not usual for other tourneys either. Also a very nice buffet in the casino’ s own restaurant is included – nice addon!

It took me until after the dinner break until I had more than just a below average stack, but was able to cruise through the first nine levels without taking huge hits to my stack. The rather pushy action started with the final two tables. With a stack of round about 45,000 and 1,500/3,000/200 I was facing an allin of UTG+1 and a call of UTG+2 with a pocket pair in my hands.

Blinds 1500/3000 Blinds + 200 Ante – 9 players
UTG+1: 23000, M = 3.65
UTG+2: 21000, M = 3.33
Hero (CO): 45000, M = 7.14
Pre Flop: (6300) Hero is CO with 9 of spades 9 of clubs
UTG+1 raises allin, UTG+2 calls allin, Hero ???

There I was with a stack just about average, 18 players left and 9 players going to get a payday of at least 285 €. If it was not for the snapcall of UTG+2, I would have went allin to isolate the smaller stack myself immediately. UTG+2 was rather loose in his play in the first levels, but calmed down with calling and raising as soon as the blinds rose. I did not see major skills in his game, but I gave him more credit than I might should have in this particular hand… and folded…

Flop: (48300) T of diamonds 9 of hearts 4 of diamonds (2 players – 1 is all in)
Turn: (t48300) 3 of diamonds (2 players – 1 is all in)
River: (t48300) 8 of clubs (2 players – 1 is all in)

UTG+1 shows A of spades J of hearts (two pair, Sevens and Fours)
UTG+2 shows A of clubs Q of spades (a pair of Fours)
UTG+2 wins 48000

The call would have meant wagering half of my stack with blinds already risen too high to be able to play another hand without risking to bust. On the other hand a stack of almost 100,000 would have been very, very likely more than sufficient to reach the final table and make the money. The rest of the story is told quickly: I lost two flips with 11 and 10 players left with AQ and three shorties doubled up on their very last hands with forced allins to be back in the game. That’s the way to not make the money and bust after 9 hours of play including breaks – well, at least I enjoyed the food…