First WPT Ireland Finale – Online Overview added

Posted: August 13, 2011 in 888poker, Details & Overview, General, Online Qualifiers
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Just a really short note to let you know, that I won my seat to the WPT Ireland 2012 Qualifier ($220) last nite. It is starting tonite at 9:05pm with so far only 13 players registered and/or qualified. There will be one more sub-qualifier tonite two hours prior to the start of the finale, but I do not expect more than 4-5 seats awarded in this tourney. Of course, I will be playing this sub-qualifier as well to try to earn the $220 cash instead of the seat + to not have another qualifier enter the finale.

The best way to keep track of what is going on online is to have a look at the Online Overview page, located on the very top “Details & Overview” –> “Played so far…” –> “Online Overview”.

And since this post is a really small one to just keep you up2date and is not including any pictures whatsoever, I will show you one of my favorite poker videos (sorry, for the quality). Think about the question “Have you ever folded KK preflop in a (normal) tourney? When would you fold KK in a tourney preflop?” – watch the video and comment with an answer 😉

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