New Venue added –> Casino de Spa (Belgium)

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Details & Overview, Direct Live Buyins, Live, Spa (Belgium)
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With only just a little bit over 100km to drive from my place and other tournaments hosted there than in the partner casino in Namur, Spa offers a nice choice of smaller buyin and smaller field sized tourneys throughout the week. Deepstack Freezeouts on Thursdays with a buyin of 110 € and 40€ (1R1A) Deepstack Rebuys on Fridays might become an alternative to the other, already played tourneys, even though Friday will be most of the time “unplayable” for me – relationship duties! As a matter of fact, I am able to play next Friday due to different plans for me and my lady, so I will either be going to Amnéville for the 2-day Deepstack Freezeout (for only 60 € buyin) or most likely play either on Thursday and/or Friday in Spa. Nevertheless I will be going to Spa to play the 110 € Deepstack Freezeout, which will be my first time to the city and its casino.

Check out the Overview of Live Tourneys if you want to keep an eye on what I am planning to do and maybe even on what I have done/played so far. There you can find links to blog posts about already played tourneys as well as planned tourneys and an overview on what I have spent and what we have earned so far. Feel free to leave comments on part of the blog you see changed that need to be made. Thank you!


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