525 € WaSOP Main Event – following my restrictions!

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Direct Live Buyins, Namur (Belgium)
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The so far biggest tourney in prize pool, players and buyin is coming up this week as already mentioned: the Main event of Namur’s Wallonie Series of Poker II with a buyin of 525 €, 500 runners and a prize pool of 250,000 €. Somewhat like 45,000 € are waiting for the lucky winner after three days of play, starting with day 1a and 1b on Thursday and Friday and finishing the tourney on Saturday and Sunday with day 2 and 3.

As I have restricted my play to certain limits (e.g. maximum of 10 % for a direct buyin; you can read the restrictions created here), I am not allowed to pay the complete buyin from the actual bankroll. I will only pay 60 % of the buyin (= 315 €) with money of the bankroll and therefore return only 60 % of the winnings to the bankroll as well. I will be starting on day 1a, hopefully surviving, returning to work on Friday and then travel calm, rested and with the will to win on Saturday and Sunday.

Before I hit Namur’s tables on Thursday, I will be playing today’s 100 € Freezeout in Nennig – maybe a turning point even before WaSOP II.


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