The Amityville Horror… uuhh, I mean Amnéville…

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Amnéville (France), Live, Live Qualifiers & Cashgame, Played so far...
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Yesterday was my first visit to France for a cashgame-only session. Arriving in Amnéville at 7:45pm I had to wait for 40 minutes until I was seated at the second opened NL2/4 table for the nite – besides that NL5/5 and NL5/10 were offered. I started out with a 250 € stack since only one player had a larger stack (~ 400 €) to play with.

Already one of my first hands was the start of what I would call one of the worst nights (in results) in cashgame I have had in the past years: 35o in the big blind was limepd around to me by four players including the small blind. I checked and hit the J-high rainbow flop with bottom two pair. My lead bet of 8 € was called by a guy in middle position. He minraised my 20 € turn bet to 40 € with a 10 appearing on the board to give both possible flush- and straightdraws. Intending to fold to anything that fit into my read on him holding a draw on the river, I called the bet, checked the 8 on the river, that made both straight and flush possible. He almost instantly shoved his remaining 110 € stack allin (almost potsize bet) and I folded more or less in pain.

88 happened to become my best hand of the night with unfortunately no payout whatsoever, when the 33483-board completed my boat and my river bet was not called in a so far unraised pot. I showed my hand to the table and received pocket aces right the next hand. Once again my 3bet preflop to 50 € (middle position raised to 20 € with only 70 € behind) was not called and I was back up to 240 €.

For some reason my hands to play the in big blind became some sort of a nightmare to me: 105 and again bottom two pair on a 105K-flop (unraised). Once again I led out on the flop, bet the 9 turn, was raised, re-raised him allin to represent maybe more strength than I should have and was called instantly again. He tabled QJo and my 35 % chance of improving to a boat or flush were not enough to take down that 430 € pot. I am not sure about my play in this hand and would like to get some feedback if a call on the turn to play check/fold on the river seemed to be a better option in case no diamond and no 5 or 10 appeared.

Down to just 40 € I doubled with AK through A10o. I thought about restacking another 200 € before the hand to reach the limit I was planning to invest (due to the restrictions I set up for the project). I did not, but had to when I lost the remaining ~70 € with a check-raised allin holding 89o (unraised preflop, big blind of course) vs. last positions 20 € bet. Unfortunately the player under-the-gun had the same intention and re-re-raised as well allin to cover us both and took down the pot after the initial raiser called with a set of fives.

The first 50 € of the 200 € restack went to my villains raising with AJo and KQo being the initial aggressor preflop in late positions, contibetting each pot without hitting and letting it go after getting two callers both times. In the meantime I was sitting at the table for only two hours. I wish I could call the development of my stack a rollercoaster after winning two small pots to have a stack of 180 € again, but it went further down the longer I played even though I felt comfortable with the other players. Maybe it was one of those sessions…

I was not able to get another strong hand with my second time holding 88, facing resistance pre- and postflop on a K99-flop (and then letting it go) as well as with 1010 raising to 18 € preflop and getting 3bet to 60 €. Villain was a rather tight player that I had not seen play a preflop 3bet so far, so I felt no pain folding my pocket. For some reason he tabled KK to me and even though I made the right decision I was down to 120 €. Only three orbits, a few limps and blinds later I looked at JJ. UTG straddled the pot to 8 € and one player called the straddle before I raised to 26 €. The small blind, who did not see my raise and initially tossed only 6 € into the pot to complete the straddle, called my raise instead as well as the caller in middle position. The flop of AQ5 was, to my surprise, checked by both of the players. I figured a bet that looks like protecting the pot against a flush or straight would be the best way to take down the already 90 € pot. The problem I had in that spot was my remaining stack of ~75 € – any bet that looked like a protection bet had to be at least 60-65 € leaving me with only 10 € behind. Therefore I pushed my complete stack and send the small blind into three minutes of tanking. He eventually called (middle position folded immediately), told me he had no ace and showed KQ to my disgust. I am not really sure if the too high bet made him suspicious, but after all he made the right and I left the casino after four hours of play with a loss of 450 €.

With the disasterous outcome of Amnéville Horror the bankroll has dropped to 4.086 €, which is still plenty to achieve the goals, but a headstart would have been nice. Next up is a 100 € deepstack freezeout on Sunday in Nennig/Germany, but I will not be able to play the 40 € +R +A live qualifier for Namur’s WaSOP Main Event (525 €). I have something in mind for the WaSOP, because I do not want to miss this awesomely structured tournament even though it is a relatively high direct buyin – I will let you know at the latest by next Monday how I will handle it.

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