Two qualifiers on the weekend without success

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Online Qualifiers, Other Sites
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Pretty much as expected, the BYOPP Sub-Qualifier for 22 € did not attract too many players – to be more precise it was only four lonely players that battled for a 110 € BYOPP Finale ticket. Only 30 minutes after the start I was HU with hardly any hand won, therefore already 1,500 vs. 8,500 down starting the headsup against some British guy.

Nevertheless it became one of the most intense HUs I have played so far, only topped by this year’s 2nd round SCOOP (low) HU tourney in which I was one of the last three tables finishing the round after what felt like forever. Somewhen 30 minutes into the HU I was able to make a comeback to 8,000 vs. 2,000, but could not keep the chiplead for long. First, I ran A9 into his KK to soon after that lose my remaining chips KQ vs. AQ on a AKQ-flop – nasty!

Poker770’s finale for WaSOP Main Event tickets was packed with 75 runners, that battled for a share of ten paid places: 1st and 2nd won a ticket each worth 525 €, places 3-10 won a share of 450 € leftover money. Not only the structure lead to a rather quick tourney on my part: I busted without any noteable hands with JJ 3-betting into AA in 45th position. The poker gods are definately not on my side yet, neither is variance or simply the luckbox factor – or is it all the same!?

However, I plan to go play my first cashgame session either today (Monday) or later this week, depending on how I can get off work to drive to Amnéville. Since the volume in both online and live qualifiers, tourneys and now also cashgame is rising, I will be keeping the overview of what has been played so far as close to be up2date as possible. Therefore a new section with an overview of already played online games is planned as well as maybe some graphical support – I got something in mind… 😉

Edit: Screw my plan with Monday… I just noticed, that I left my wallet at home and I would leave right directly after work towards Amnéville! Postponed to tomorrow…

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