Live Overview + First EUR-Steps on Pokerstars

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Online Qualifiers, Pokerstars
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As mentioned just yesterday, I have changed the first category of the menu on top to “Details & Overview”. There you will be able to find all live tournaments played and planned for now as well as an update on online happenings in a lucid table.

Today I started playing the EUR-Steps on Pokerstars, more precisely the 27 € Step C. The very first SNG gave me a headstart with a right away improvement to Step D. All in all I invested 3x Step C (= 81 €), played five Step C including two repeaters for finishing 3rd or 4th – neither of the repeaters were succesful. The turbo structure is rather not my style of game, but as soon as Step D is reached, the blind levels are raised to 10 minutes, which suit my game a lot more.

I kept almost my starting stack in the only Step D for tonite, but lost the important coinflip with 1,300 chips left versus the most aggressive player at the table, who raised almost 30 % of his hands in any position. AQ < 99 preflop allin with six players left (1st & 2nd move on, 3rd – 5th get a repeater) with KJ2 giving me even more outs for a broadway straight, but turn 8 and river 2 let me hit the rail.

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