Rome wasn’t built in a day…

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Amnéville (France), Direct Live Buyins, Live, Played so far...
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First tourney, no cash, no worries! 73 players found their way to Amnéville’s 150 € Deepstack Freezeout on this rainy Sunday, which was pretty much the number of players I expected to be there. Even though it was only my third tourney played in Amnéville, I knew two of the players at my table to at least have a little information before starting to play.

It was already two levels of 30 minutes each into the tourney, when I finally had a hand to do more than just (try to) limp or fold. Pocket 7s were my choice of hand to call a small preflop raise against two other players to see a QQ5-flop, which I eventually had to fold after I called the continuation bet of the initial raiser and the 6 on the turn was aggressively bet, raised and reraised by the other two – the preflop aggressor won with pocket 6s vs. SBs Qx and my stack dropped to still comfortable 8,000.

Next up I made a what I would say was a very good laydown with 106 in the BB. Five limpers including the SB and me saw a 6Q10 flop with 100/200 blinds. Middle position was the first to bet 600, but instead of me being able to get some action, the SB raised to 2,100. I tanked for a while, but folded as well as MP behind me. The SB did not show, but said he had Q6, which was very well in his range. Another two blind levels later with barely hands played, the average climbed to 15,000, antes started to kick in and my chip stack moved down south to 6,000.

I was able to double-up with AK in PushOrFold-mode to 13,000 vs. AQo preflop allin, even though the flop gave villain straight outs with K10x. This was the highest chip count for the nite and it only took a few hands to drop back to 11k, which was my stack going into the second break after six levels. Pocket 7s (for the third time that nite) in the SB went to the muck yet another time in a battle of 3- and 4-betting vs. UTG and the BB to put me down to 8,000. Blinds of 500/1000/100 forced me to try to get chips back, but J7 was the first and only hand I was able to be first-in out of MP. Action was folded to BB, who slowroll-called with KK – no help, good game, out in 31st with no pocket higher than 7 and once AK in four hours of play.

I have not made any plans to play live the upcoming week, therefore I will be starting with the EUR-steps on Pokerstars. Goal is to start with 10x Step C (27 €) and play them up to as many Step E (215 €) as possible. This is supposed to become the basis of upcoming EUR-Qualifiers that could lead to e.g. EPT events or the Belgian Poker Series Finale satellites. Updates on the qualifiers will be posted in the Online Qualifiers section as well as on a newly created and not yet published part called Overview.

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