The good, the bad and my day

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Amnéville (France), Direct Live Buyins, General
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There is days on which the good and the bad happenings are just one little step or a few hours apart from each other. Looking at what happened today at work, I really had a busy day with more to do than I asked for and a little stressier than planned – baaaaad! Rather unexpected and somehow all of a sudden I was able to get confirmations of investors for another 17.5 % of the project, meaning the investment period will officially stop on Sunday with round about 54 % of the total amount distributed to investors. That also means, Sunday’s 150 € deepstack tourney in Amnéville will be the first tourney to be played for the project goooood! What happened next belongs to the category “A cheapshot below your waistline!” and indeed hit me in an area, that hurts me a lot: only a split-second of not being concentrated were enough to let me bump my beloved car’s front rim in my work’s underground parking garage to the result you can see in the attached picture – baaaaaaaaaad! After all I was on the way to not only go home, but to get a few cold beers with a friend and working colleague of mine, so “GOOOOOOOOOOD!” was the last change in mood at the end of the day!!!

To sum up my day the positive things overweigh the bad things by far, even though, as a small car maniac, that rim looks awful!

  1. Jürgen Hanle says:

    weeeee nice dass es bald losgeht!

    Genau der gleiche Mist ist mir vor kurzem in der Tiefgarage auch passiert – ätzend!

    Good Luck von LuckyCat!

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