150 € Deepstack tourney in Amnéville coming up on Sunday

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Amnéville (France), Direct Live Buyins
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As stated in one of my last blog posts the investment period is coming closer and closer to an end – only approximately 15 % more have to be distributed to investors before the project will start with the first tournaments. Screening Amnéville’s tourneys calendar I have found numerous interesting tourneys (all with a buyin fitting into the restrictions I set up for the project), the next one also fitting into my private time schedule on Sunday, July 10: 150 € Deepstack.

With a deepstack structure of 10,000 starting stack and 25/50 starting blinds for 30 minutes each level, the tourney has what it needs to play it tight-aggressive. I yet do not know how many runners are in Amnéville’s tourneys on Sunday lately, but similar events in Amnéville had 70-80 runners, which would generate a prize pool of at least 9,000 € with a payout for the winner of more than 3,000 €.

Investments of this week will decide if the tourney will be the first one for the project or Preseason MTT # 3 – have a look at the events created for the project on ChipMeUp with shares starting as low as the price for a Whopper at BurgerKing – no drink, no fries though:

http://www.chipmeup.com/event/102654 ($3.35 per share)

http://www.chipmeup.com/event/102954 ($17.75 per share)

  1. Shmendric says:

    Plans have not changed, therefore the event will start in 18 hours with tourney # 1!!!

  2. Raymond says:

    Any news ? … Chipmeup like to get some info here .


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