16 % sold, BPS Finale Satellite in Namur tomorrow

Posted: June 29, 2011 in General, Live Qualifiers & Cashgame, Namur (Belgium)
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Thanks to Jolmer Meelis, 888poker Team Pro, who invested 15 %, the first big chunk of the cake is sold and the investment stage of the project is on a good track. (The player’s cake is set only to 20 % at this point, since I am reserving another 30 % (right now shown as “Sold”) that might be taken by myself or by investors.)

Tomorrow the 5th BPS Finale Satellite in Namur will be played and if my work does not interfere with my plans, I will be heading to Belgium after work to play the Satellite as another preseason MTT before the project starts. As the four other already hosted satellites before, it will be a 60 EUR Rebuy MTT with a rather rapidly increasing blind structure and somewhere in between five and seven seats awarded. Also, I might be playing some cashgame in Namur, if I fail to go deep in the satellite, but obviously this is not my main intention to go to Namur tomorrow.


“Tomorrow” became “Today” due to problems with the WordPress-System; it did not let me add, update or edit posts yesterday…


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