Posted: June 23, 2011 in General

First of all I want to say WELCOME to everyone that found their way to this site.

This blog has the main purpose to keep you all updated on how I am running in my project called “Treat your Poker like a Business” as well as other important things. You don’t know what this project is all about and maybe even found this site by accident?! Have a look at the sites about me, about this project and about your investment!

Obviously this site is brand new and to be honest it is my first time using wordpress, so please be patient with me trying to make this site look good and include more and more content. I am sure I will the changing the layout or the menu yet another couple of times, so feel free to drop me a comment if you like or dislike something in particular or if you want to have me add something else to the site.

Thanks to everyone supporting and following this project and stay tuned for more to come!

  1. InverzReverz says:

    Hi shmen, its Inverz here, love your site, it looks really good.

    treat your poker like a business is a great idea!

    GOOD LUCK with the venture.

    • Shmendric says:

      Thx for the first comment 😉

      I’ll keep in mind what I edited in your comment for possible future content.

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